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One Heart Groups

Meditation. Healing. Awakening.


Mission Statement

One Heart Groups offers a regular and affordable spiritual practice and community. Guided by an elder, certified holistic health practitioner, Jill, who facilitates deep inner exploration and transformation. 

For people looking to develop an inner practice and spiritual path the groups offer a fully guided experience. 

For those who already have a spiritual practice these groups are excellent for the embodiment process. 

Jill is a bridge for three powerful energetic alignments.

Some would use the word transmission but this implies an energy coming in from outside. Whereas these energies are available to all of us at all times, Jill has deepened into alignment with these frequencies enough to be able to bridge into a group field. Most of the time our perception is distracted by a 4D and very human experience of life. 

Jill offers a guidance to help people to realign with the deeper truth of existence.

Earth Star -Ground of Being

This alignment bridges us deeply into Gaia consciousness and connection with the earth star or 10th Chakra. This is our quantum place.

The experience of this alignment is deeply grounding and relaxing on the body and mind.

One Heart 

This alignment is with heart of all things and the love that permeates through the apparent separation within human experience.

Light of Presence

Once we align deeply into the unfolding mystery of life a lightness and presence of being emerges; we experience that everything is transparent and can fully appreciate the magic and beauty within all life.


These groups align us with our deeper truth and connection to everything through the heart.

Through this connection to our inner radiance and the unified field we can become a source of light in the world.

What to Expect

Guided meditation, powerful energy work and breath work to facilitate grounding fully into the wholeness of one's being. The group facilitates deep relaxation of the body and mind and a deeper connection to life and love.

One Heart Groups create a safe, healing space for unconscious processes and drives to be released. 

The groups are held on zoom and there is no expectation of sharing or engaging verbally. 

It offers a regular practice and healing process to activate the energy systems such as the chakras, developing the light body, clearing trauma and deepening into one's own Truth. 

It is excellent for the nervous and immune systems and can reduce reactivity, promoting peace. 

During the sessions people experience profound shifts in consciousness, insights and sometimes mystical experiences. 


Jill Kirkham - Energy Healer, Therapist, Teacher

Group Guide

Born in Lancashire, England as a child I experienced a deep connection to life, nature and animals. I was deeply empathic from a young age and a deep thinker pondering on the mystery of life and seeing imbalance and inequality in the world. I also had a profound energy sensitivity and spirituality.

During my teens I was involved in voluntary work in a caring capacity with children and adults which led me to study and register in both general and mental health nursing. During this work I became disillusioned with the medical model which treats symptoms, not people and was often spiritually and socially isolating and disempowering. 

Death is seen as a failure and something to fear rather than a natural transition.


I became drawn to a more holistic approach. I trained as a group psychotherapist and completed advanced counselling training which I practiced for several years. I also trained in body massage. Alongside all of this I began to learn and teach meditation and mindfulness, which I have taught for 30 years, long before it became ‘mainstream’. If you're interested in my other therapeutic work please click here.

I have practiced with both the Zen and Tibetan Buddhists for many years in the past and have done many years of inner work using different experiences and modalities including ceremonial practices with entheogens. 

In 2002 I discovered Vortex Healing(R) and have trained in this and other energy work including shamanic and angelic energies. Energy work was really the missing piece of the puzzle for me and I believe that energy medicine will be commonplace in the future. 

I have natural ability as a channel and sensitive and am highly intuitive. 

This I bring to the groups.  

  • Monday 8pm - 9pm UK time

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    10.50 British pounds
  • Thursdays (Check Dates)

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    12.50 British pounds
  • Monthly session processing inter-generational trauma

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    30.50 British pounds
  • FIrst Monday Every Month. 12 Midnight British Summer Time.

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    10.50 British pounds



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