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Thought I'd share this: when Jill said focus on the heartbeat in the naval/stomach, I could feel mine there, then I could feel a second heartbeat and could feel my mother's heart beating into me in her womb through the umbilical cord! Then a third, my grandmother's, then her mother's, and her mother's until there were dozens of ancestral maternal bloodlines beating as one! Wow! Thanks Jill ️<3

John Lamb, Preston, UK

Thanks Jill and everyone, that was very nourishing and powerful. I instantly drifted

EM, Berlin

Thank you Jill. It was a great connection even I drifted off but felt the energy shifting towards the end. Your voice is soothing, more effective than tranquillizer

Fatemeh M, Bolton, UK

Thank you so much Jill . It was very moving. I thought of my grandmother's and their mothers, ground down by a life of poverty and childbirth. It hardened them, but I know that underneath the hardness was love

Anne Bush, NYC

Thankyou so much Jill that was  amazing so much clearing, so deep so grateful ️<3

Sharon Baron, Preston, UK

I felt grumpy, upset and absent minded the past days. Lots of heavy mind stuff going on, felt stuck in separation. The energies shifted  lots of tension, cleared the mist, and uplifted the mind and emotional body, so much light flooded into the system, the body is vibrating at a much higher frequency now, I am feeling earthed and connected again. Thank you

Maria K, London

Was lovely to experience the peacefulness after a few weeks away being too busy.
Was like a hug from the universe.
Thank you x

Duncan H, Lancashire, UK

I had connection to a sense of "giving" that is totally new for me, and kindness. It felt as if my breasts were waking up and coming back to life, filled up with pleasure and a soft yet intense power, and so much joy and grace. And felt that sensation of being in love, not with someone or something, but just as a state of being.
A very meaningful breakthrough there, feeling very grateful for this space you hold for us and with us.

Tahona Santana, Mallorca Holistics

Thank you so so so so much ladies what a  beautiful strong female energy the retreat  was . It really helped ground me . I appreciated all of your presence especially you Jill thank you for being you ♥️ ️ so happy and grateful for this group

AP, Mallorca

The one heart was very intense today!! Beautiful ! Thank you

Jess M, Manchester, UK

yes weightless like underwater, but grounded heavy to the seat, and sooo soo gentle and nurturing heart energy  thankyouu!!!

Jess M, Manchester, UK 

Thank you, I haven’t been that relaxed for quite a while x

Anne Tordoff, Blackpool, UK

Beautiful experience
Deeply relaxing energies
Dog and me blissed out ️️
Thank you Jill

Viveka B, Derbyshire, UK

My heart is bursting with love and gratitude. What a powerful session.

Patricia Coll, Manchester, UK

Deeply peaceful and relaxing.

Leila Romaya, Wirral, UK

Very definite shift and clearing

SB, Lancs, UK

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